"I had a reading with you a few months ago about my personal relationship that I was experiencing problems with. Your predictions were positive and very accurate. Things have now moved along in the right direction..your reading turned out to be SO true...so I wanted to say a very BIG thank you, its rare and difficult to find a genuine good reader as yourself sometimes, so I am very grateful. I know I'll be back for more...!"Lina

"dearest lisa, thank you SO much for the beautiful reading, very much on point. yes at first it was frustrating about it not being a time of doing etc but you are so right, everything you said was so very true. also a healer said similar things to me a few days ago so i know i must take note. also, a dream i had recently confirms it. i’m actually glad because you have given me so much clarity, thank you so much! :) deepest blessings" - Nicky

"I won a mini-reading! Yes this can happen, as it happened to me *winks* I really appreciated the approach Lisa took with my inquiry, and the direct wording she used to describe what she saw in my tarot spread. I was able to move forward with clear knowledge of the situation I'm currently in, and embrace my current responsibilities to the future I'm heading towards. It's been an amazing experience, and one that I shared with my loved ones, who will support me along the way. Thank you, Lisa :)" - Rae della Luna

"The reading I got from Lisa was truly remarkable. Not only was it accurate, but it was extremely helpful. Lisa is a wonderful example of a person who uses her love of life, work and passion together to bring out the best in other’s lives. Thank you so much, Lisa!" - Lindsay

"Thank you so much for this amazing reading! I am surprised at how complete you reading was - and you only used two cards! Amazing! ;)

Your reading really gave me food for thought. I don't trust my abilities, and perhaps I am sensitive, but my own lack of knowledge about it is making it work against me. I need to discover ways to working with it, to help others and myself too. I tend to run away from crowds and people because it drains me and makes me feel inadequate. I had never thought about such things... your reading was truly enlightening in this aspect. My next step, I suppose, will be learning ways to put your suggestion in practice."
  - Marina

"I can't believe my reading, I asked one question and you gave me such an insightful and accurate reading about a person. It's like you read him like a book. How did you do that? You have an amazing gift and I will be back with more questions or if not the full reading! And thank you so much for giving me my reading within half an hour of placing the order. How's that for service?" 
" Lisa's reading was spot on, and i like the fact that she is very professional. All I said was work and she was able to pick up all my concerns and even pinpointed the kind of work i do and hope to get plus a few other details concerning my life. I'm just kicking myself for not having requested a reading sooner. "
I would like to thank Lisa for the brilliant Tarot Study group running every week, it is always a source of inspiration and learning. Although I have been reading the cards for myself for years, I come away with new input and insight every week, due to your in depth knowledge of underlying factors, such as numerology and astrology. Attending really helped me to gain a fresh and wider understanding of the Tarot, and for that I Bless you Lisa. You are not only an exceptionally gifted reader, but also a wonderful teacher. Thank you <3 "
Tarot Group Member
Thank you Lisa for such clarity on someThing that has been cluttering my thoughts for too long. For a 'one question reading' i feel like you have done a Celtic Cross Reading. :) this little reading is full of depth and understanding and healing. What a gift to a mama who has a million thoughts and deeds going on! Much Love, San <3 "
Suzanne H
Im so grateful to you Lisa for your reading, it helped me very much and gave me a good hope of my future, I truly recommend you to others! You are honest and kind! Namaste, Milla Alaya "
My reading was right on target and gave me valuable insight into a relationship that had been confusing me for a while. Thank you so much for your advice. If I manage to follow it, I'm sure I'll experience the healing you suggest. :) "
" Lisa is a very gifted and very very compassionate and wonderful reader. I would trust her any time and for any reading. Always. Blessings, Nina "
I have been reading Tarot professionally for over a decade, so I am the first to admit that I am somewhat of a harsh critic when it comes to being on the receiving end of a reading. However, I have only praise for Lisa's Tarot reading skills! Lisa's reading was spot on as far as accuracy goes, and picked up on the subtle energies at play in my life at this time. Her advice was insightful and very helpful, and I can certainly recommend her services! Thanks Lisa!" ~Shanu van der Berg. Moonshadow Healing Studio www.moonshadow.co.za 
"Oh my God!!! Right on the spot!!!!!!!!! Great! Really, really great reading!!! NAMASTE "
"I am sooo grateful to you for the reading you did for me, as it was on a topic that is very very important to me and I needed to be sure that i was not sacrificing in vain. You reassured me that I am on the right track, and that is priceless to me. It was as if you were reading my mind and intentions, and if you got all of that from such a small reading, imagine with a full spread!!! Amazing talent! and ty so much again! "

"Words cannot express my gratitude for this most wonderful reading about my precious little boy and myself. The wealth of information that stemmed from this,"small reading" was so amazing and helpful that mere words will not do it justice! You are so gifted and talented Lisa as well as a true blessing to all that have the honor to know you:) Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Namaste" Wendy Lovelace