The Tarot on the 11:11 Awakening Code

I've lost count of the number of people who have spoken to me about noticing the number 11:11 more lately. It all started a few years ago and I didn't know what to make of it so I put it to the back of my mind. However, in the last month or two, the occurrence of this number has increased in my own life and when one of my readers requested a post on this topic, I saw it as synchronicity... Time to find out what all the fuss is about!

Reading about 11:11 online, the most common notion is that people are starting to see this number as humanity awakens from its 3D slumber and becomes aware of the reality of Oneness (all beings are One).

However, there are as many theories about the precise meaning of this number sequence as there are spiritual teachers so the only thing I'm 100% of certain of is that it does mean something and logic dictates that it has to do with new beginnings as well as an Aquarian awakening. The 11th House of the Zodiac is the House of Aquarius and we are at the threshold of the Age of Aquarius which will last for approximately 2,000 years. Let's hope and pray that humanity will mature from its greed and collective insanity during this period! 

In the Tarot, the Aces are the 1's and it seems to me that this could be a sign posts that all four Elements are lining up, presenting the beholder with an opportunity to start the next phase/chapter of their life. It's a sign and a gift from the Universe, letting you know that somebody is guiding you along your path and even lending a helping hand.

11 is the number of the Lightworker and some mean that 11:11 is the calling card of Earth Angels who are here to help people raise their vibration.

Those of you who are younger or who have teenage children are probably aware that many kids these days use the occurrence of 11:11 for wish manifesting. I'm sure it works too, provided the belief is strong enough!

Ascension teachers tend to associate 11:11 with DNA activation, while Angel people say it means your angels or spirit guides are trying to get your attention because new beginnings lie ahead.

People mainly concerned with finding their Twin Flame usually associate the number with Twin Flames.

So what does it mean then? Whatever it means to you is right. There is no universal right or wrong interpretation of this number sequence. The question this leads me to ask of the Tarot is why this has become a global phenomenon. 

The first thing I notice here is that the card numbers add up to 11, with the Lovers being the sixth Major Arcana card. I associate both the Ace of Chalices (Cups) and The Lovers with the Heart Chakra and the Four of Chalices shows a young woman stargazing with her hands over her hearts. I think the message is clear:

In most people's hearts there is a longing for more connected living. We have all become alienated through industrialism, greed and gadgets... This is why more and more people are opening up to a new way of being and relating and there is no better symbol for this than 11:11. The phenomenon is an expression of a deep longing for more LOVE

Because let's face it, those in the process of ascending aren't doing so because they are brain boxes - they are doing it because they have the courage to keep their HEARTS open!

The other question I need an answer to is what it means to me, personally. Perhaps you would like to pull a card (or more) on this too?

What I take these three cards to mean is that whenever I see the number 11:11 for myself, I'm supported on my Path of Service and I should pay close attention to my thoughts as the speed with which they manifest is increasing. These three cards total 9, the number of the Hermit. He is a teacher. I'm guessing I'm being activated for doing what he does.

If you pull some cards, you will be a doll and share, won't you?! :) Mwah!

Lisa Frideborg 

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Nimat said...

I have like you, come to the conclusion that it means something different depending on the individual. For me the 11's started when I reunited with my childhood crush that went from romantic to karmic in a short period. He has turned my life upside down as I've never experienced an obsession like this. Before discovering your blog I used to pull the six of cups for us all the time. And the first time I asked the tarot about the 11's, I pulled the Death card and that's when our relationship fell to pieces.

But I kept seeing the 11's, some days I'm flooded with them, so what I've started doing is pulling 1 card and sometimes I'll check the Base card on days that the number pops out everywhere. Sometimes I'll get the justice card or something dealin with my spiritual well-being, love, or finances; so I think it's like a notification from my guides.

Sorry for the long rant :-)

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

Thanks for sharing, Nimat - no need to apologise for a long post. That's interesting seeing as I only started noticing the number for myself in the past few months which is after I met my fiancé! :)

Marie Mulligan said...

So I done the 'What does 11:11 mean to me?' (because I've been seeing it alot then a companion soulmate who I immediately recognised from a past life walked into my life and it stopped so I knew the reason for that but it's been happening again) with the Sandra Anne Taylor energy deck and got Journey, Community and Archangel Chamuel (Third chakra). To me that's a clear sign I'm on the right path - Journey being the journey I am taking now in the physical life and on a spiritual level as well (I'm climbing and I'm having kundalini awakening symptoms), Community being the new set of friends I have got who are going through a similar lifepath to myself (side note : this card speaks of three women who have similar interests and funny enough, I know three women who I speak to regularly who read cards - this includes you ;) ) and the Third Chakra card/Archangel Chamuel meaning the life-force and manifestation of my desires and goals is finally coming together. :) That's my personal interpretation anyway.<3

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

Fabulous - thanks for sharing, Marie! Community is also a very Aquarian concept! I'm glad you found this reading to be a positive sign for you :)

Marie Mulligan said...

I have seen it as positive and thanks for posting it up - it never occurred to me to actually simply ask what it meant lol. I think the change is happening for everyone. All my clients have noticed they are meeting with more and more like-minded individuals on an emotional, and spiritual, level and the amount of soulmate readings I'm being asked to do has increased massively in the last few weeks (bet the same has or will happen to you to). This is only the beginning I think. The more people are pushed by the universe to learn about loving themselves and others completely, the better imo. It gives hope the world can be healed. Which is great news! :) x

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

Sometimes I'm asked to do a Soul Mate reading but mostly - if they are soul mates - it just shows up in the cards... and when it does, it usually explains a lot! Agreed... the better informed ppl are on every level, the better! x

M Pepper said...

I've always associated it with my Twin Flame, and any time I notice 11:11 I make a little wish for him/us. Your post made me curious, so I pulled three cards and got: Lovers, Strength, 9 of Pentacles

Nimat said...

Yes, I definitely think that overall, people who have experienced the 11:11's have run into their soul mate or twin flame.

cybergurl67 said...

Hiya Lisa, i received 5 wands, 2 cups and the World. Personally, today i had a disagreement with my partner and after we cooling off period we always seem to make up.....but that aside, i think that what this may saying is although people may disagree with each other at times for whatever reason...we need to come together in unity to enhance the world for the better. Maybe in not clear with my words in using, so maybe you can help me out? I do notice when i added up the numbers they equal 10 wheel of fortune and then reduced it is 1. Which makes me think that even though we are individual 1, then we come together 2, we are still 1 if that makes any sense....what do you think? Hugs, Diana x
p.s. If its 1 when added up, are we suppose to take all the aces into consideration instead of one specific?

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

Hi Diana, your interpretation is perfectly fine if this is feels significant to you. When I take the quint for a reading, I usually relate it to a Major Arcana card (for 1 it would be the Magician) so I can't really answer your question. Relating the Aces to 11:11 was purely because it was four 1's straight up. :) Love and Hugs, Lisa x

Victoria Eternal Athena Tarot said...

Great post Lisa! You are absolutely right that the 11:11 phenomenon is a message of renewal and new beginnings. I started seeing 11:11s (in addition to 12:12 and 12:21) during the summer of 2012, a time when I was undergoing all kinds of major life changes and spiritual growth. Since then they have been appearing constantly. I see them everywhere I turn. I believe that these numbers are coded messages from our Higher Selves or Spirit Guides or what-have-you. I always take note in a journal what I am doing or thinking when these numbers appear. Then after some time has passed, look back into your journal for patterns. A personalized message from your Higher Self will be there. For me, these numbers serve as reminders from my guardian angel that I am on the right path, fulfilling what I am meant to do during my time here. They also appear when I am having doubts about myself - like a pep talk from the Universe to keep at it! I think for you, the appearance of 11:11 is a sign that you are on the right path too. Congrats on your recent engagement! I am looking forward to more great articles.

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

Thanks Victoria! Interesting to hear your take on this and good on you for taking notes on all the occurrences! Blessings

Laurelle said...

I see numbers all over the place. I am suppose to look at them. I get this intuitive pull to look over at a clock or license plate or advertisement. They always tell me something different.

I usually see a succession of repeating numbers when I'm suppose to pay attention to something very important that will happen in the physical reality that day. 1111,2222,3333,4444,etcetcetc....

The important thing is that each number sequence has it's own message. But the message is kind of like the High Priestess. The answers to why you are looking at the numbers cannot be found in a google search. The answers are already within you.

That is what I've learned from numbers. Numbers can be used as a sort of divination tool. I meditate on the numbers a little bit when I am drawn to looking at them.

That is just my experience. I'm sure it's different for everyone.