A Beltane Ouija Experiment

After chatting to people here on the blog who use the ouija / spirit board with good result and no ill effect, I decided to go a head and order the lovely wooden board in the picture above. It's made in Scotland and has a nice, solid feel to it. I really like the clean look too.

I ordered it on eBay on Tuesday and it arrived the next day but I had to go and collect it at the post office this morning as I have a knack for being out when the postman comes around.

After I collected it, I thought "What better day to take it for a whirl than on Beltane?" The veil is thinner than usual this time of year, so surely any spirit wanting contact would manage to get through.

However, I think I was probably in the wrong head space to start with - not with regards to fear (big no-no as it attracts evil spirits) but doubt. I wasn't really feeling receptive and I kept thinking "I bet I'll just move the planchette myself." Then as soon as I did start to feel the slightest tug, I got all tense. Meh.

This totally reminded me of starting to learn how to dowse. I kept second-guessing myself. My sister was a total natural right from the start with the pendulum. I guess we all have different skills and preferences.

Maybe it's just not for me or maybe I need to try the board in the company of another person. It's quite possible that my mind was too preoccupied today still, after last night's happy engagement celebration.

At least there is no lingering spirit present after this brief failed experiment. I followed the psychic protection suggestions in the accompanying leaflet carefully and quite like the prayer for opening and closing the board.

Basically, you pray to the Great Spirit, invoke the Guardians of the Four Quarters and call for the assistance of Mother Earth. You surround yourself with white light and then you call on any spirit guides to step forward.

Another suggestion in the leaflet was to write down your questions beforehand, which I did, but I never got as far as asking them during this failed experiment. That said, I'd rather fail at this end of the spectrum than by having a horde of unwelcome spirits in my home :P

I'll try again and if I ever do succeed, I will certainly blog about it again. In the meantime, if anyone has any ideas of how to correct what went wrong here, I'd love to hear from you!

Love & Blessings,

 Lisa Frideborg

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Marie Mulligan said...

You answered your own question. Doubt is what went wrong. The protection you did done it's job if you failed I'd say so at least you know that works hehe. I have a Nemesis Now Tree Of Life one which is GORGEOUS! but like you just stated, you have to (A) be in the right frame of mind and (B) have zero weakness at all that can be manipulated - fear, doubt, guilt etc. I say clear your mind, do it when you are totally relaxed :) PS. As it's such a special day for you it's probably a good thing it never worked. Everything happens for a reason as they say xxx

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

Thanks Marie! Yes, I believe you're right. I had a word with Mike and we're going to try it together soon :) xxx

Marie Mulligan said...

It's better in a group. It feels safer plus you can both put your energy into it. Good luck. I'm sure you'll have a blast with it :) I'll take a photo of mine at one point and show you over Twitter. I've had nothing bad ever happen. As long as you treat it with respect (which you no doubt will), you should have no trouble either. Look forward to your next blog on it. xxx

eve said...

I have a suggestion! Scuse the excitement. Its just that I was in your exact shoes and found a solution so if it helps one person to share what helped me, I'll be overjoyed. Plus I have not had the opportunity to share this story with anyone yet! As a kid I was put through Catholic School. This one in particular really focused on fearing God, suffering for repentance and the horrors of hell. Great method for getting nightmares! It took years and I'm still unraveling some of the damage caused by that school. I was raised by my mother who was very christian so I had the nuns in school by day slamming big rings into my scalp if I ever so slightly laughed too loud... and a mother to go home to, who went from strict to newly reborn and high on Jesus, prozac, and "tongues". I was preprogrammed to fear ouji with that combo. There's in between stuff but to sum it up after seeing a lot of unexplainable but physical looking manifestations, and having a friend die, I grew desperate. In other close deaths, I've had the peace of dream visits or synchronization I knew was from them as closure. So I decided to give it a chance. The pointer was awkward, I didn't know if my Sharkey hands were messing it up, etc. Not for me. So I made myself a Spirit Board. I believe because of the personalization put in, etc, I had a good start (I'll be posting pics after I make a few more to sell or trade). I put the letters in an arch on top and the numbers at the bottom, a yes and no in the middle of the circle, perfect set up for a pendulum which I am comfortable with and have used for years to check up on chakras. First time try I received a "hi". I plaid once with a friend after and it was moving so straight and precise and had us giggling, the name and location sounded alien. But a few nights ago was pretty intense and amazing. After I opened with a protection prayer, had brought home an offering of roses to set upon my alter, lit a purple reiki infused candle from a nearby metaphysics shop, I started with holding the pendulum in the middle, waited for the positive go sign (it spinning clockwise or from top to bottom without a question. Just to check the state of the time/energy.) Then I ask "show me no" followed by questions I know the answer to. When I asked with whom I was speaking and the first two letters didn't fit together "JM" I figured it was a fail but the finished name was JMVE. The initials of my friend, James Michael van Eron, who I made the board in mind to speak to. Saying his full name was a joke we had. The past two nights I gathered a few more amazing answers. I asked where he was and when summer land was spelled out (something I used to question) I got super excited. Feel free to email me if you want to discuss more. I don't want to leave a novel sized post comment but would be happy to answer more questions Or show you my board. Moonnnymph@gmail.com

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...