Asking the Tarot If the Ouija Board Is Safe to Use

Like many a teenager, I dabbled briefly with a Ouija board that my friend and I made ourselves out of a large thick, white sheet of paper. We were 15. My friend used an invocation that definitely seemed to have done the job because in addition to feeling the presence of a spirit, the glass we used seemed to move over the paper board on its own -- both of us only touching the glass lightly with the tips of our fingers.

We had not tried to contact any dead people; we just wanted to ask some questions and we had no idea what the nature of the spirit we had invited was but it felt dark. My friend left and I stored the home made board in my closet... I continued to feel the presence of the spirit throughout the night and wasn't able to go to sleep until I had gotten up and torn the board up.

As you can imagine, I resolved then and there to never dabble with a talking board again. Several similar stories have been brought to my attention through the years and the general consensus in the spiritual community seems to be that it is a tool best left alone.

However, the odd person reports using it with good results and no ill effects, so I'm curious to see what the Tarot has to say about the usage of the ouija board.

The first question I asked was what the Tarot (as a tool for connecting with my God-self) has to say about the usage of the Ouija board for contacting spirits who have passed over:

Tarot of the Hidden Realm and Les Vampires

What I'm getting from this combination of Tarot cards (Page of Pentcles+10 of Swords+Shadowdancer/The Devil), is that the kind of spirits that sneak through are young, impish and eager to connect with the physical realm in order to play tricks on people. In other words, the 'person' you are speaking to is not a person at all - it's a djinn.

I take the Outsider card from Les Vampires here to simply means that it is a spirit which does not belong and should not be allowed in. Also, the 10 of Swords here is a strong warning to not go there as it will mess with your mind.

Hmmmm... OK but what about using the Ouija board for connecting with one's Guardian Angel (or spirit guides), blessing the board to serve only Light and Love?

This combination of cards (Page of Cups+5 of Swords+The Hanged Man), I could see going either way and you would have to wage constant battle with the ego in order to avoid self-deception and delusion.

I find the Les Vampires Resurrection card here interesting because it contrasts quite strongly with the Tarot cards. It offers the advice to take charge of your life and to swiftly create the changes you need to make in order to move forward - a card of Fire and Action.

Perhaps best not to be passive and leave one's fate in the hands of spirits which may or may not be the real deal? I do tend to err on the side of caution and will continue to do so as far as the Ouija board is concerned.

What's your experience of this tool for spirit communication? I would love to hear from you!

 Lisa Frideborg

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Gypsy Moon said...

Like everything a tool is neutral in nature. I think the way you use your tool is very important. Are you creating sacred space when using it? Intent in everything... So if you intent is to have conversation with your higher self or guides and guardians you can state this very clearly prior to your works. You are the creator of your experiences and your will is respected. My advice if you are called to work with this tool, create sacred space and make sure you are protected and have a go at it! Then write a blog and tell me all about it!

Christina Gabrielle said...

I have used talking boards, I don't use them as often now due to time constraints. But I never ever had a negative experience. I feel that it can be used as a tool of light. Especially if you set the scene right and your intention is correct. And that you're not under any influences of substances and alcohol or tired, depressed. When I do use the boards. And I have several...I lay out crystals and holy water.I ask Archangel Michael to step in protect the circle. And as I said, everything always goes well, never anything negative. I was even told of a distant friend who passed away unknown to me at the time. The board clearly spelled out " Your friend Karen has gone." I received a letter a week later from her fiance and he told me she had passed. And it was on the same day,I used the board.I was astounded. I agree with the previous post, everything is neutral in nature. If some people have a deep-seated fear of the board, I feel that it will manifest itself during your experience with the board. If you go on with a open mind, then your experience may be different.

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

Thank you for sharing your experience, Christina. That was a truly remarkable message you received about your friend passing. It does make sense that all tools are neutral.

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

Thanks for sharing, Gypsy Moon. The only time I did use it at age 15, I had no idea how to protect myself psychically or how to create sacred space. I may well decide to experiment again and if I do I will most certainly blog about it! :)

MelWV said...

Friends and I used one successfully when in our teens. But there was often a sense that the "spirits" called on had lingered. Nothing damaging ever happened, but there was a general agreement that things were unsettled. I developed a real fear of the thing over time and even used to hurry past the closet where it was stored. I feel more comfortable with other tools, so will leave Ouija to those better suited.

Tabs said...

Mine were mixed. My first one was used and had a spirit attached to it. He was frightening and lured in other souls. My guides intervened when he got too out of line though. He would lie and provoke me, pretending to be one of them. I am very grateful to Bob and Jane for their intervention.

The ones I made myself were less frightening as malicious spirits weren't drawn, but they were often children or childlike and would do anything to interupt my sessions with my guides to get attention.

My reason for using the board is because of my psychic development lineage. My teacher was taught by a man named Bob. Bob was taught by Jane. Jane got her start on a board and that is how she met her guide Seth. Eventually she didn't need the board and could channel him quite well. That's what I was going for. Now I don't need it. I have automatically written and verbally channeled addresses and phone numbers that corresponded. Why use a board?

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

True... not EVERY tool is for everyone! The Tarot is always going to be my main working tool.

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

Very interesting - thanks for sharing, Tabs!

M Pepper said...

A friend of mine and I used one when we were teens. We didn't know any kind of protocol so we didn't take precautions. We got two spirits: one that claimed to be my great-uncle and one that claimed to be that of a murdered young woman. I was pretty sure the one that said he was my great-uncle was lying. He didn't stick around long anyway. As for the girl . . . I don't know, but she hung around for many months after that. We never touched the board again; I think my friend got rid of it.

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

Interesting. Thanks for sharing, M. Would you consider using it in sacred space and with protection in place?

M Pepper said...

I'm not sure. I'd have to have a very good reason for it, I guess. And I'd want to be very sure I had appropriate protection.

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

Yes, agreed. My reason for trying it again would be so that I could write about it. What I remember from when I was 15 has faded in the mists of time...

Arty said...

I made a board with some friends, similar to your own.
Before we used it each time, we said a blessing of protection and told our guides to open our conversations with something only we knew about - so that we all knew who we were talking to.
There were a couple of times where other spirits would try to butt in through the board, but we trusted our guides. Both they and us were able to fend off any malevolent intruders.
Overall it was a fun experience just getting the chance to talk to them on a physical level and being able to share that with my friends.
I got the chance to find out about my guide's past and why he's doing what he does now :)

Sadly, the board hasn't survived because our parents didn't agree with what we were doing - respecting their wishes meant we had to destroy it, though the memories will stay with me forever.

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

Thanks for sharing, Arty, and glad you have nice memories from this!

Jenna | Queen of Wands Tarot said...

I am not surprised at all to see your very interesting results. I had a board in my teens and we brought something in, something that cause physical manifestations, something that scared my younger siblings. It was terrifying and real. We moved away not too much later but I know she is still there hanging about. The other voices were largely crude and unhelpful, the board is like a yahoo chat room, you never know what you are going to get but its often no good.

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

That sounds truly horrible, Jenna! As I've been talking to adults who use the board responsibly and with the right psychic protection in place, to talk to their Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels and Higher Self, I may have to give it another go. In fact. If there is a way forward, I will find it and if I find myself under psychic attack yet again, I'm woman enough to deal with that too. Curiousity killed the cat? We'll see ;) I'll blog about it, of course!