The Aspergers - Empath Connection in the Tarot

Lately, I've been reading articles aimed at dispelling the myth that people with Aspberger syndrome lack empathy. Some of these articles can be found HERE and HERE. I know quite a few Aspies (some of them fanstastic Tarot readers!) and most of them are also Empaths, so the fact that science is finally catching up must come as a huge relief to them.

Because we have Aspies in the family, I decided to take a couple of the online tests. It didn't come as a surprise to me that I scored highly in all areas than other than lack of empathy. I don't feel I need a label but I gladly own the ability to think deeply (I like to call it 'hyperfocus') that neurotypical people seem to lack.

So what does the Tarot have to say about the expression of empathy and the more disordered expressions that some Aspies suffer from?

I pulled one card for empathy as expressed by the person with Aspergers and got the Wheel of Fortune (Jupiter) - a card of expansion. When you are embraced with the empathetic sentiment of a person with Aspbergers you need never doubt that it is 100% genuine. I also believe it makes both the giver and receiver feel a great deal more optimistic, a feeling connected with The Wheel of Fortune.

Amazingly, the card for Aspberger as a 'disorder,' I got the 3 of Swords... A feeling of separation, isolation and heartache. Relating (Libra) is restricted (Saturn).

I think that if Aspies are made to feel that they are gifted rather than in any way incapacitated/labeled and that the way they relate to the world is totally OK, their gifts can really blossom.

And the Tarot never ceases to amaze me when I ask the bigger questions...

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Stacey Riley said...

I agree with you little mini spread.

Lisa Frideborg said...

Thanks Stacey :)