The Tarot Mirror

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“When we know what we most fear, we know what we most care about.”
― Patti Digh
The Tarot is a mirror, a tool for scrying... but only if you have the courage to look within - at all that hides in the shadows of your consciousness. If you are seeking the effect (future) but are unwilling to face the cause (what lies within), the Tarot will appear to fib.

If you only want to see the Light within, what you see in the cards may not always make sense. Every time you lay the cards to read for yourself, ask yourself 'Am I prepared to face the truth about myself, even if it isn't pretty?'

Only if you vow to love yourself unconditionally and to embrace your own Shadow can you rely on the Tarot to tell you the truth every time. All may not be instantly revealed but eventually, what you see in the Tarot Mirror will become clear.

The Tarot is an honest tool for personal development and self-reflection. It's not a suitable tool for those interested in spiritual bypass or quick fixes.

 Lisa Frideborg  

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Ellen said...

Great post. The mirroring aspect of the tarot is for me the most important. I mainly read for myself to get different perspectives on a question and to dig deeper for answers within me.

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

Thanks Ellen. Glad to hear you are using the Tarot like this!