Some Arcturian Fire

Last week brought with it a process of integrating the Solar Self (still ongoing). I prefer to think of this is yang energy and gender neutral.

In the time leading up to the shift, we will find ourselves in the process of balancing yin and yang energy in various ways, as part of the preordained planetary healing.

Here are a few of the Fire cards (Flames/Wands) that I created for my Arcturian Tarot:

(Saturn in Leo)

(Mars in Leo)

(Moon in Sagittarius)

(Fixed Fire)

 Lisa Frideborg Lloyd   

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Chloe said...

Wow, you're really on fire with this project ;) It's lovely to see - so inspirational!

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

Thank you, Chloe :) If I can create my own Tarot deck, anybody can!

Chloe said...

All we need is inspriration, right?! :)

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

I find that lack of inhibition helps ;)

Chloe said...


Yazzle said...

They are gorgeous. On a really practical level, are you getting them printed yourself or will they be just online?