Is The Moon an Alien Spacecraft?

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David Icke

Out of all the far out rumours of weirdness in circulation, the one that bugged me was the one about the moon. After reading an article titled Who Parked Our Moon, the evidence seemed stacked in favour of people like David Icke who has claimed for some time now that the moon is an alien object.

Let me make this abundantly clear: I am not a scientist. When I read scientific data, I have to take the author's word for pretty much everything since I have no way of verifying it for myself. However, I have other means of getting at the truth...

Not being one afraid to ask the big questions of the Tarot, I thought that the question "Who Parked Our Moon?" was certainly worthy of a reading.

And what better deck to use than the Sirian Starseed Tarot?

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1. Who put the Moon in orbit? 4 of Flames (Wands). The images gives me more information than the traditional card meanings. There aren't many traditional card meanings which cover alien issues, by the way, in case you were wondering.

The image of the castle speaks of authority in places so far removed from our sphere of influence that we cannot reach it. The four flames are interesting as well. Four guardians? Four nations? A council of four? The red sky in the background could be a clue about their planet of origin but I don't know enough to venture a guess.

2. What is the purpose of the Moon? 6 of Orbs (Swords). Again, I'm getting almost flooded with information by just looking at the image. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Moon was put in orbit, not only to control the waters of this planet by the tidal pull but also to control the molecules of fluids and hence the molecules of our emotions.

3. How does this affect humans living on Earth? Sage of Chalices (Queen of Cups). The Queen of Cups is Water of Water. Apt or what?! The Water Element corresponds to the realm of emotions. I'm telling you: David Icke is right - the Moon was put in orbit to control sentient beings on this planet at the level of emotions.

So much of what I'm learning right now is blowing my mind - I'm loving it! These are indeed interesting times...

 Lisa Frideborg  

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Carla said...

That is a really interesting reading. I made a start on the moon article but don't have the patience right now to read the whole thing. Will go back to it. Just wanted to say your posts are getting me interested in the Sirian Starseed, but I also watched a You Tube of yours today featuring the Star Tarot by C McClelland and I simply must have it! Could you do a few posts with it in the near future?

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

Thanks for commenting, Carla. The Sirian is my current favourite deck... especially for the big questions as we get closer to the Shift. The Star Tarot is so very beautiful... I only have the Majors. As far as I know the Minors are still a work in progress...? Will hop on over to Cathy's website and have a look. If they are available for order, I simply MUST have them too! :D

Stacey Riley said...

I'm not having big revelations like you are at the moment. I purchased Soul Medicine that you recommended. Getting a lot of tingles listening to certain music at the moment... Feel I am downloading information while listening. My big jumps may happen after Dec 21 2012 . I'm getting Crystal Visions Tarot as a Christmas present. Feel this will be my equivalent to your Starseed deck.

Mind you they still could happen before Dec 21 but right now not feeling it. Could be I'm still slightly burned out from attempting NaNoWriMo this year.

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

Wow, you attempted NaNoWriMo! Burnout completely understandable! Love my Crystal Visions but it's not in the same league for the Sirian (for me). I think it's hard to know when to expect anything right now. Time itself is in flux... All the more important to stay grounded!

Glad you're enjoying Soul Medicine - it's magick!

Readings Anthony said...

Yeesh, David Icke. Face-palm central. Look, anyone with any gram of theosophical knowledge knows this: that the Moon was a place where we humans previously evolved, mostly as animal beings. It was where we had our animal kingdom evolution. Its not an "alien" spacecraft for God's sake! It was a planet, just like this Earth, but then when the Moon evolution (for all 7 kingdoms) was complete, it was no longer needed and it broke up, much of its material passing over to make up our Earth. Its certainly not about control, at least not in the sinister conspiracy theory emphasis Icke gives it. Argh! The man is so non-spiritual in his outlook it gives me the heebie jeebies!!!

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

Really, Anthony? You take it upon yourself to judge another man's spirituality? I don't recall David Icke's (lack) of spirituality being the issue of this post either. But you must be some sort of expert.

Anyone with any gram of theosophical knowledge? Wow, you just ruined theosophy for me.

Did you even read the scientific data presented in the article I linked to in the post?

I don't know what you have done for mankind but I do know that David Icke has been quite busy making prophecies that have come true for many years now.

Frankly, it matters little to me what particular brand of spirituality he adheres to. He has been proven right too many times. Also, he has created a huge change in awareness on this planet.

But I'm sure you're much better than him.

Readings Anthony said...

There's no need to be bitter, Lisa. I am simply expressing my opinion, although perhaps I came to the wrong blog for that! So I won't bother trying to defend or promote my arguments any further, except to say goodbye. It was nice following you while it lasted, but the intense negativity you have put forward here has turned me right off. If you want to champion a sad case like Icke, then fine. As for what I do for humanity - frankly how dare you. You have no idea what I do so as you yourself said - who are you to judge me? As for theosophy - anyone who truly understands the underground stream knows that Icke's spin on things is 'materalistic' - it puts a wrong, (and for my money FEAR based) interpretation on spiritual facts. And that's all from me. Blessings on your path.

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5oci€t¥ X said...

Just doing an article on this at the moment, there's the thing where we never see the back side of the moon due to its rotation and how it perfectly covers the sun during an eclipse. X

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Marie said...

Interesting take on the matter Lisa. You are so inventive with the cards! x