A Dolphin Abundance Blessing Reading

Is the thought of connecting psychically with dolphins too woo-woo for you? Then stop reading right now!

I would have laughed at the idea myself not long ago if it weren't for a dream I had of dancing with dolphins. The dream came to me about 15 years ago while I was struggling with sarcoidosis and post natal depression.

The dream was very vivid and more real than real life (that is the trademark of a dream vision), in spite of me never having been close to a dolphin in real life. A wave of joy flowed through me when I was dancing (and breathing freely) under water with the dolphins, and it triggered a cascade of healing responses on every level of my being. Most importantly, it gave me hope that all would be well...

For some reason, the dolphins are calling to me again, so I thought I would ask for their blessing:

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Decks used: Magical Mermaids and Dolphins and The Alchemical Tarot Renewed

The blessing comes to me in form of increased abundance... but apparently not completely from my own efforts...

The Tarot cards show a shift in how I connect with others. The Star deals with groups of people and humanitarian work. I'm moving from wishing (Star) to seeing things happening in co-operation with others to actually doing the work (3 of Pentacles) - thus creating abundance not only for myself but for others also.

The 3 of Swords as the 'how' is interesting. It could mean abandoning the notion of perfection and transcending past hurts and disappointments, making it able for me to simply focus on the task ahead (3 of Pentacles).

When I help others shift from poverty consciousness to a mindset of abundance, I open the floodgates for a multitude of people. This reminds me of the video I created at the start of the year:

I feel that this Dolphin Abundance Blessing reading also connects with Leonie Dawson's video message today in the FREE Soul Secrets to Success video series. Her message was about 'the big why' and how important it is to stay connected with it on a daily basis as an entrepreneur.

It's not about the money for me - it never was - but my big why is certainly about helping you feel more abundant in every sense of the word: creatively, financially and in all your relationships... This is my Empress Soul Path (notice the 3's in the reading above!!)... So how can I help you today and what is your big why?

 Lisa Frideborg  

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Trish Vidal said...

Nothing "Woo-Woo" here! Dolphin is my main animal spirit guide. Love this spread - will take it out for a test spin! Thanks, Lisa!

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

Thanks Trish. They are wonderful, aren't they? I would love to meet one in real life! Do you have the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins deck?

Stacey Riley said...

Another spread for me to try and another deck for me to drool over with the Alchemical Tarot. I haven't tried connecting with Animal Spirits yet...

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

Enjoy! I've sort of connected with animal spirits before in readings, but more indirectly when interpreting dreams with messages from animals. This is the first spread I've created for the sole purpose of connecting and channeling a message from an animal. Probably not the last though... :)

Nancy Dadami said...

This is my first visit to your site.....your explanation of your reading is inspiring....thank you