Top 5 Android Tarot Apps

Have you got a smartphone on the Android platform and want to know which Tarot apps are worth downloading / buying?

I've had my HTC for nearly a full year now and have had the chance to try out most of the Tarot apps on the market. It's been fun but I have to admit that quite a few of the apps are counter intuitive and some even downright confusing.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to my top five choices and the reasons why:

BEST GRAPHICS: Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot. I downloaded the high resolution version of this app and wow! The colours really pop. As much as I love my 'hard copy' of this deck, I'm not afraid to admit that I prefer the digital version for pure viewing pleasure. The artwork in this deck is stunning. This app is not free to download but I'll eat my hat if you regret spending a few bob.

Caveat: Spread navigation is not very intuitive and I have lost readings because of it.

BEST DEPTH OF INTERPRETATION: The Goddess Tarot. This is one of the best all rounders as the spreads are easy to navigate and the artwork is absolutely gorgeous as well. I have had some really insightful readings for myself with this app! Excellent value for money.

Caveat: None really, although a few more spreads would be nice. There are three + the One Card Oracle.

BEST SPREADS SELECTION: Galaxy Tarot Pro. Uses the RWS deck. These spreads are really easy to navigate and there are three different interpretation sources for each card. You can download the free version which has three spreads before you commit to buy the Pro version which has seven more spreads.

Caveat: Even though there are three interpretation sources, I find myself thinking that the interpretations are a bit dry and samey. If you're going to have three, then make at least one of them humorus!

BEST YES/NO READING: Yes or No Tarot by Horoscope.com. Gives individual interpretations on a one card draw in four different categories: General, love, career and money. Uses the Tarot of the Thousand and One Nights deck. 100% free download.

Caveat: Some of the interpretations weird me out. I pulled The Star for a question that I wished for a yes for and the app has it as a 'No' for Love Tarot questions. Still, I prefer this app to the Galaxy Yes/No app (give the latter a whirl if you prefer a 3 card draw for yes/no questions).

BEST DAILY DRAW: Horoscope and Tarot. If you're after a practical 3 card daily draw app then this is probably the best one. It uses the Love-Mood-Work spread and gives pretty good interpretations. Not sure what deck they use... Anybody? 100% free download. Free daily horoscope as a bonus.

Caveat: If you are looking for a more spiritual daily draw, choose the Goddess Tarot App which also has a 3 card spread.

Which is your favourite tarot app for Android?

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Rosk said...

thanks for sharing this info. I only have the Galaxy Tarot, and I LOVE IT. but the one with the cats looks VERY tempting.

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

you're welcome, Roskis :) i love my BBC!

Ruth said...

Great review &long overdue!

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

Cheers Lena. I couldn't find a review ANYWHERE, so it was like 'WTF, am I going to have to write one?!' lol

shonna hill said...

Hi Lisa,

I'm one of the people behind Galaxy Tarot Pro. Thanks for your positive review. We have new interpretations coming with our next release, including interpretations for reversed cards. I think they'll be a little more "human". (I hope so, because I wrote them!).
Thanks again!

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

Oh cool! Thanks for letting me know, Shonna - I'll look forward to it :)

Michael Denholm said...

Thanks for this, Lisa. The one I wanted most though, Galaxy Tarot Pro is not available in my country, UK. The others look good to me. :-D

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

What? I use Galaxy Pro, Michael. And you know I'm not too many miles away from you!! lol

Michael Denholm said...

That's what it says lol. I'll keep trying. It looks really good too. :-)

shonna hill said...

Hi Michael,

We had to stop distributing Galaxy Tarot in EU countries because of copyright issues. We do have a few new apps though, available worldwide, including our latest, the Tarot Illuminati, which is based strongly on the Waite-Smith Tarot symbolism.

You can see all our apps at our website

Shonna Hill said...

Hi Michael,

We had to stop distributing Galaxy Tarot in EU countries due to copyright issues in those countries.

We do have a few new Tarot apps, all as good, if not better, as Galaxy Tarot in terms of features. One of them, Tarot Illuminati, has symbolism based on the Waite-Smith deck (and is very beautiful!).

Check out all our apps: http://galaxytone.com