Pregnancy Tarot Spread

This spread covers all three trimesters of the pregnancy from the perspective of both mother and baby, as well as considering important changes to the relationship between mother and father during all three trimesters.



1. Mother (health concerns, emotional state, spiritual state, process of bonding with baby)
2. Baby (health concerns, emotional state, spiritual state, process of bonding with baby)
3. Main themes/changes within the relationship between mother and father


4. Mother
5. Baby
6. Main relationship themes/changes


7. Mother
8. Baby
9. Main relationship themes/changes

Cards 10-11 CONCEPTION

These two cards are read together and will give you clues about the circumstances/timing surrounding conception and implantation. Look here for clues about multiples. I have seen these two cards zoom in on the conception date quite closely but remember that the cards do not always reveal timing. These two cards could be addressing health concerns or relationship issues just as well. Or there could be a theme emerging about why this soul has chosen to incarnate here and now (something you may well wish to do a separate reading on).

Cards 12-13 BIRTH

12. Shows what kind of birth you will have. (Multiples can show up here too.)
13. Sex of the baby.

Doing a pregnancy reading for yourself can be a bit tricky. The hormonal changes and the huge attachment to the outcome both play in. Have a friend help with the interpretation!

If, after doing the Pregnancy Tarot Spread, you still feel you aren't sure what the sex of the baby might be, you can pull another 10 cards. The first Ace that shows up among those 10 cards will tell: Wands and Swords for a boy and Pentacles and Cups for a girl. If there is no Ace in those 10 cards, you are simply not meant to know!

Please keep in mind that a tarot reading is not intended replace professional medical advice. It is important to attend regular medical check-ups during a pregnancy.

Click HERE for a list of pregnancy and fertility Tarot card combinations.

Holistic Tarot for Love and Relationships

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LJH206 said...

Amazing! I drew (1) Princess of Cups, (2) 9 of Wands, and (3) King of Wands for the 1st trimester; (4) King of Swords, (5) The Devil, and (6) The Magician for the 2nd; and (7) Queen of Pentacles, (8) Temperance, and (9) The High Priestess for the third trimester.
I got the 4 of cups and (11) The Empress for conception, and The Chariot and Princess of Swords for the delivery and gender! I still am hoping I give birth to a boy so I am praying that I have a well rounded son who is well in tune with his emotions and understanding of the importance of the feminine side in life. Its up to a higher will! Thanks for sharing the spread.

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

Excellent! Looking to the Pages for gender, the Page of Swords and the Page of Wands are usually considered boys. Fingers crossed :) The Chariot probably means a quick birthing process, so be prepared!

tayla said...

Thank you for sharing this :) i got
1 - The moon, 2 - Queen of Cups, 3 - Ace of Pentacles
4 - 3 Of Wands 5 - 10 of Pentacles 6 - 2 of wands
7 - 2 of pentacles 8 - 8 of wands 9 - Page of cups
10 - the lovers 11 - knight of pentacles
12 page of swords 13 - 6 of pentacles
Hmmm twins maybe :)

SatuGustafson said...

Will have to try this. I'm in the third trimester now but it could still be interesting. :-)

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy and best wishes for the final trimester + birth to go smoothly. Would love to hear how you got on with the reading, Satu!

saundra22 said...

hi my name is lasaundra and i just did a reading and i got the magican and 10 of pentacles for number 10 and 11. and i just dont understand what that means.

Tracey said...

So a little confused - doing this for a friend. Baby's card in the thrid trimester comes up as the 10 of swords. Card 12 (type of birth) is the high priestess.... does this indicate a still born birth, or just that her labour will be very internal and she'll have to draw on her inner strenghts? Any help would be appreciated!

ps. LOVE this spread! Thanks for sharing it!

Kirstie said...

I have asked if my friend is going to her pregnant in 2014 I recieved wheel of fortune 4 of cups and 6 of Pentacles anyone tell what it means plesee

Gillian K said...

I am a professional tarot reader always unhappy about doing readings about birth, pregnancy and death. I am very interested to read what you say here. Thanks.

shannon johnson said...

i recently did a celtic cross spread for myself and have been trying to get pregnant. the cards i recieved are in the exact order as follows queen of wands in the situation position, empress in the cross position,10 of cups in the beneath position,3 of cups in the crown position,ace of wands in the behind position, wheel of fortune in the before position,2 of wands in the self position, the sun in the house position, 2 of pentacles in the hopes position, and the 4 of swords for the outcome.. Any thoughts ??

Mag said...

i just miscarried last week and tried this spread to see how the next pregnancy will be. here are the cards i get. 1.Temperence 2. Emperor 3. Queen of cups 4. The Hierophant 5. Ace of cups 6. 5 of cups 7. Lover 8. The Stars 9. The Chariot 10. 8 of wands 11. Page of cups 12. Page of wands 13. 10 of swords. do you know what the 12th and 13th cards - PAge of wands and 10 of swords might mean ? given the fact that it's the 13th card which should indicate the sex of the baby , and the 12th card indicates the birth delivery/method. to me the cards i got dont seem to make sense , or could it that the card positions are the other way around between 12th and 13th?

reignbeaucorn said...

Hi Lisa! Thanks so much for this spread :) would you be willing and able to give me some insight to my cards
First trimester
1. 9 Wands.
2. 3 Pen
3. Sun

Second trimester
1. Queen cup
2. Ace Wands
3. 2 Wands

Third trimester
1. 10 Pen
2. 5 cup
3. Justice

10. Heirophant
11. 2 Pen

12. 6 Swords
13. Ace Pen.

Hopes for twins! Thanks in advance and stay blessed

Lucy said...

got strength for sex of baby.. any ideas?

Lisa Frideborg said...

Hi Lucy, in general, my feeling is that Spirit is not concerned with gender at this point in time so I am no longer reading on it. The reason is that many of the souls choosing to incarnate at this point in time will go on to label themselves gender fluid or non-binary (like the angels!). Strenth is Leo/Fire/Yang so could be a boy... but please understand that personality is way more important than gender.

Ione said...

Just wanted to say this sounds quite valid to me. I'm pregnant with my second child now, and from the very beginning, every reading I've done on myself or someone else has done for me has indicated Wands energy. I am 100% convinced I was having a boy until I got an ultrasound and saw, quite clearly, it's a girl. Thus, it makes me think she will have a very, very strong personality.

Ione said...

Lisa, I was wondering what your interpretation of 4 of Pentacles and The Wheel of Fortune in positions 12 and 13?

Lisa Frideborg said...

Interesting, thanks for sharing