Top 10 Tarot Decks for Beginners!

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Are you interested in learning the tarot but confused by the amount of decks available? Perhaps you have read or heard somewhere that the Rider Waite (aka Smith Waite) tarot deck is the deck for beginners but you can't seem to connect with the images...? The reason why the Smith Waite comes so highly recommended is that most beginners books are based on it.

But do you really have to start with this deck?
No, you don't! There are plenty of decks out there that are just as suitable for the beginner tarot reader. Here is a list of links to reviews of decks with clear symbology and illustrated number cards (pips) that will work just as well as the Smith Waite and hopefully you will find one that you resonate with.

My top 10 beginner decks:

Crystal Visions Tarot - a beautiful and rather feminine fantasy type deck
The Morgan Greer Tarot - very like the Smith Waite but very 70's and close-ups
The Hanson Roberts Tarot - also close-ups but softer than the Morgan Greer, child friendly
The Connolly Tarot - bright colours and Christian overtones
The Anna K Tarot - easy to read with, much thanks to the vivid facial expressions
Smith Waite Tarot - Centennial Edition - an antique feeling Smith Waite version, so much nicer than the standard deck. Comes with the 1910 A.E. Waite 'Pictorial Key to the Tarot' which is also available for free online
Gilded Tarot - lively colours, beautiful digital artwork, very easy to read with - two sets to choose from, both with excellent companion books for the beginner
The DruidCraft - the perfect beginner deck for the Pagan/Witch/Druid, the companion book is an excellent introduction to the Tarot
Tarot of a Moon Garden - for those who are in touch with their inner child and like dreamlike fantasyscapes
Pearls of Wisdom Tarot - lots and lots of details, bright colours, a deck that never fails to uplift (the link for where to order this deck needs updating on Aeclectic - you can purchase it HERE)

Happy learning!

Brightest Blessings, Lisa
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JennySRP said...

Thanks! This is very helpful...

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

You're welcome, Jenny!

Satu said...

Thank you. Not the decks I would have recommended (at least not all of them) but it's interesting to see what other people come up with. In any event those are certainly good beginner decks.

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

OK, now I'm curious about which decks you would recommend, Satu :) Thanks for stopping by and commentint!

VioletteKitty504 said...

Hanson-Roberts was my first deck :)

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

I have the mini Hanson-Roberts - favourite fer sure!

Cindy Jacket from Full Moon Jacket said...

Hi Lisa, Cindy here from FullMoonJacket :)

I do like your choices, particularly the DruidCraft and the Morgan-Greer. And of course Marchetti's Gilded Tarot :) Do you have an opinion of Ciro's Legacy of the Divine as a beginner's deck? Blessings~~!~~

Cindy Jacket from Full Moon Jacket said...

Hi Lisa, Cindy here (or @Cynnergies/@FullMoonJacket on Twitter) - :)

(apologies if this comes up 2x, I had a blogger sign-in issue...)
Great selection here, especially the Morgan Greer and the DruidCraft decks. I see Ciro's Gilded Tarot here, I was wondering what you thought of his 'Legacy of the Divine' deck? Blessings~~!~~

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

Thanks Cindy. The Legacy would also work well!

Jessica Mills said...

Thank you. I've been looking for awhile and the crystal visions deck I seem to understand and connect with more than any other deck I have looked into. This was very helpful!

Linda Mannes Wildes said...

I've been reading since mid 70s learned with Eden Gray and even met her b4 she died . Forsook Tarot and was very religious in the end.I live in Melbourne FL just north of Vero Bch where she lived. My favorite deck is Morgan Greer and has been for 20yrs or more Go thru deck every year. Mainly read for myself and use only in addition to Bible. Weird but I'm a Christian first and never read without requesting Christ be there. Glad you started following on Tweeter Following you also. Talk to you soon Linda

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

Thanks for sharing, Linda. Cool that you met Eden Gray! Nothing strange about being a Christian and a Tarot reader in my book :) Have an amazing New Year! Blessings, Lisa

Lisa Frideborg said...

Thanks Jenni. Yes those are also good decks. The Inner Child Cards might be tricky for anyone trying to learn from one of the Beginner Tarot Books that use the Waite Smith deck to illustrate the symbology of the Tarot but the book that comes with the deck is excellent in its own right.