Tarot Healing Meditation

Is there something weighing you down right now? Are you short of funds or do you have health niggles? Perhaps your relationship is 'complicated' or maybe you are in the process of healing your heart after a bad break-up.

Art - Soul Alchemy - from the Thoth Tarot

Sometimes, it's pretty much impossible to do a reading for ourselves. Whenever the mind is weighed down, it is difficult to be objective about the messages in the cards. So what do we do? Do we put the cards away and distract ourselves to not have to deal with the icky stuff? No, there is a better way.

This is when the healing power of the tarot can really be allowed to shine. You don't need a lot of cards to tell you how you are feeling or what to do - you need to let just one card work its mojo on you!

Light some incense - frankincense or sandalwood are ideal. If you like, you may also want to play some healing or meditation music.

Make sure that you ground your energy and centre yourself before pulling the card. You can easily ground and centre through the breath. Just allow any tension to drain through the soles of your feet, down into the core of the earth on the outbreath and pull healing earth energy into your body on the inbreath.

Focus quietly on your issue for a minute.

Choose the card from a cleansed deck, ideally a deck that you use only for healing and meditation.

When you have turned the card over, just look at it quietly for a minute and register your initial reaction. Try to observe it without judgment - especially if you picked a 'difficult' card.

Next you need to feel where in the body the card's energy lands. You are focusing on the interaction between your energy and the essence of the energy captured in the card.

Is this an energy that you want in your energy field? 

Where in the body is it now and where do you want it? Hold the card against the part of the body (facing you) where you feel it belongs. You may want to lie down and relax, allowing the card energy to seep through in a state of total relaxation. Allow your intuition to guide you for how long you need to meditate with the card. Observe any images or words that arise. These are answers to questions that you may not even know you had, relating to your issue.

Complete the meditation by sitting back up and taking a few deep breaths to ground your energy back into your body. Stamp your feet if you feel a bit 'floaty' and have a drink of water.

Is this an energy or outside influence you want to get rid of? 

Banish it by moving it over the smoke from the incense. Use your breath to channel white light through your crown on the inbreath. Watch the negative energy you feel is associated with the card drain to the core of the earth through your feet on the outbreath. Drink a glass of water to help your body further clear out any toxins relating to this energy.

Make sure you ground your energy before getting on with your day.

I hope you enjoyed the tarot healing meditation!

Brightest Blessings, Lisa

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JennySRP said...

I got the Solar Plexis (3 Chakra card from the John Holland deck) which certainly felt very warm when I placed it on my solar plexis. I've had a couple days of feeling quite ill and start to doubt my ability to carry out my dreams and duties, so this helps me recenter the confidence I need to know I'll get through this and carry on.

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

That's fab, Jenny! :) Thanks for sharing.