6 of Cups from the Herbal Tarot

The 6 of Cups often appears as the 'soul mate' card in a reading, indicating past lives together for lovers who have only just met. Or, if your beliefs don't include reincarnation, that inexplicable sense of familiarity that you have with some romantic partners. Of course, the reading could be about a friend or a family member as well, but as most of the readings I do for other people are about romantic love, this is what the card has come to represent to me.

Traditionally, this card signifies sentimentality, nostalgia, holding onto the past or even regret. The reversal can be interpreted as leaving past attachments behind and moving forward - perhaps from a dysfunctional relationship or an emotionally manipulative partner. The authors of the companion book put the emphasis more on relating playfully in romantic relationships. The shadow aspect would be toying with someone's emotions.

I relate to the energies of this card on so many levels, I scarce know where to begin... and perhaps I don't need to - especially since the main emphasis for me now lies on drawing a line under past attachments and moving firmly forward in the direction of my life's purpose.

As I examine my emotions about leaving so much behind, I realise that even though I'm proud of having had the strength to move on, I also feel the sting of regret... of never being able to find out what might have been. I also fear not having anyone in my life. To most of us, a dysfunctional relationship is better than no relationship at all. For the first time in my life, I'm willingly testing my muscles as a self-reliant woman... and it's a bit scary to be frank.

Does this mean that I don't need love and more? I'm not going to lie to myself and say I don't need love. We all need love... but for now it just has to come from me, my friends and my children... as well as my spirit guides, angels and devas of nature. I choose to feel loved, guided and protected - even without a man in my life. I choose to feel beautiful, and I choose to radiate this beauty from the inside out. I choose to touch people lovingly because I am love. And most importantly, I choose to stay awake.

Going back to sleep would mean that my needs would be allowed to run the show again. I can't afford that. Although I'm here to follow my bliss, I'm not here to satisfy my own desires. Following my bliss leads to the Path of Service; Following my needs leads to the Path of Hell.

The associated herb, or rather fruit, is watermelon (Lat. Citrullus Vulgaris) and its seeds. Watermelon seeds can be used as a charm to help its bearer become more playful in her relationships. I have also found fertility spells online that use watermelon seeds.

Medicinally watermelon seeds are used for all types of urinary problems, including kidney inflammation. Preparation: Steep a tablespoon full of melonseeds in a cup of water for about 15-20 minutes. Recommended dosage: 3 cups daily.

Watermelon has a cooling and rehydrating effect. Studies have also shown watermelon is high in the amino acid Citrulline which relaxes the blood vessels and stimulates the blood flow, much in the same way Viagra does.