9 of Cups Reversed - A blocked urge to merge

This morning's card is the reversed 9 of Cups. The Legacy of the Divine 9 of Cups displays the astrological correspondence for this card, Jupiter in Pisces, engraved on the top cup. A tropical sunset and fruit decorate the card. I imagine the sun setting over a Piscean 'Ocean of Merging Emotions.'

Jupiter tells us where we feel expansive. Jupiter in Pisces means feeling lucky and expansive when merging emotionally with the Other. The fruits are symbolic of the juiciness, bliss and contentment felt in the merging.

So what does the reversal tell us? Do we long to merge with someone who is not physically or emotionally available? Involuntary separation is a definite possibility. All 9's relate to the IX of the Major Arcana, The Hermit.

How is the energy of the reversed 9 of Cups felt? Because of the strong, expansive energy of Jupiter, an equally strong negative response is to be expected when the longing to expand and merge with the Other is not met: despair, impatience, turmoil, isolation, fear... or just an icy cold apathy. There will be a lack of direction because the flow has been blocked.

What can be done about it?

Essentially this reversal is another lesson in trust. Distance will be bridged. Time spent apart will turn into quality time spent together... and every minute together will seem all the more precious because of the time apart.

The flow of Love from God/Source is what keeps lovers close through the ether. In this flow we can feel close to the All that Is. When we are aligned with Source, we are aligned with the ones we love. Sure, the physical distance is still there but the pain is not as acute. The flow of love from Source gives us hope that 'All is well, all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.' to quote Julian of Norwich.

If we have a longing, we have the longing because one day it will be fulfilled. God is good like that.

Let hope be restored and peace reign... rain down... stand in the shower of the vortex of Source energy, my love. This is where our hearts belong!

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