How to Calculate Your Tarot Year Card

The Wheel of Fortune - My card for 2013

Using the same method as you did for your Personality Card, you add the number of the day and the month you were born to the year you want to check your card for.

Example: You were born on the 3rd of April, and want to know your card for this year, i.e. 2007



You then add each digit in the sum: 2+0+1+4=7, keeping any number from 1-22.

In this example, 7, The Chariot, is your Year Card.

In Tarot for Your Self, there are graphs that you can copy and use to show your year cards from age 0-21. There's also a table that makes it quick and easy to figure out the card for each year.

Mapping out my own personal Year Cards, I couldn't help but notice that I got married during a Chariot year – twice. Call me a slow learner J

It is interesting looking at the graph and trying to figure out what main events may have been influenced by the energies of the Year Cards. It also adds a lot of depth doing this in combination with an astrology reading.

My Soul Card is the Empress (Venus) and my Personality Card is the World (Saturn). I find this fascinating, as I'm a Capricorn sun sign (ruled by Saturn) in this incarnation. My Shadow/Teacher card matches my Piscean North Node and I also have a Water dominated birth chart

As for the Empress, I don't have much Venusian influence in my birth chart, but I've always seen myself as a creative soul. My Year Card is the Emperor and this is very apt as I am going through my Pluto Transit this year. Perhaps it would have been even more spot on with Death as my Year Card, but I believe that the Shadow energies of the Death card are active during the Emperor Year.

Let me know how you are getting on in the comments below if you already use this method, or are beginning to experiment with it. How does it match or contradict your astrological birth chart? I look forward to hearing from you!

Check the table below for astrological correspondences:

0 The FoolThe Element of Air (Uranus)
1 The MagicianMercury
2 The High PriestessThe Moon
3 The EmpressVenus
4 The EmperorAries
5 The HierophantTaurus
6 The LoversGemini
7 The ChariotCancer
8 StrengthLeo
9 The HermitVirgo
10 The Wheel of FortuneJupiter
11 JusticeLibra
12 The Hanged ManThe Element of Water
13 DeathScorpio
14 TemperanceSagittarius
15 The DevilCapricorn
16 The TowerMars
17 The StarAquarius
18 The MoonPisces
19 The SunThe Sun
20 JudgmentThe Element of Fire
21 The WorldThe Element of Earth (Saturn)

Brightest Blessings, Lisa


Rick Cocozza said...

hi there. i have 'tarot for yourself' and there is a bit that is confusing me. year cards. in the authors example - it states that his calculated 11 = the wheel of fortune even though that's the justice card? am i missing something?

Idun Duva (aka Lisa) said...

hi there, Rick, it must be a misprint! 11 is either Justice or Strength (Thoth) :)

Helen Williams said...

Hi Idun, (took me a while to navigate your blog - I do find computery things confuse me lol!) - my personality card came out as Judgment (which I associate with Pluto? - there's certainly strong Pluto stuff in my astrological chart, but more relating to my moon)- soul card comes out as High Priestess (more lunar stuff - feel more connected to the lunar side of myself = moon Pisces in the first)- shadow as Justice (lots of planets in the 7th!) and this year's card is Hermit (and my progressed moon is in the 12th, indicating an inner phase - connects to my Virgo sun also which is much more integrated these days...)

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

Hey, that's pretty cool, Helen!

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

And yes, Judgement is associated with Pluto but also with the Element of Fire!

Trish said...

In numerology, you add up single digits or you separate the different values, THEN add them together.

In my case, for instance, I was born Dec 27, my number may be calculated one of two ways:

The first would be:
3 for month of birth Dec (1+2)
9 of birthday (2+7)
5 for year 2012 (2+0+1+2)
17 Total = The Star

The second would be:
1+2+2+7+2+0+1+2= 17 = The Star

But it should not be added 12+27+2012=2051=8

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

Thanks Trish. I learned numerology before I learned the Tarot and am aware of the different systems for adding numbers up. Pythagorean numerology differs from the Hebrew system. Whatever works :)

Bonnie said...

But--how could you ever have a zero year and end up with the Fool?

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

If you read the post, you will notice that you reduce the cards to a digit between 1-22... that makes 22 The Fool :)

njmom said...

I think I'm dense, I'm not getting it. I'm trying to find out my card for this year. So, using your example of April 3, 2013... would I add, 4+3+2+0+1+3 = 13?

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

you add vertically in this system, not horizontally. you're in a 4 year, not 13

sunshine said...

My year card for this year is 10, the wheel of fortune. What's the meaning of that?

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

Be on the lookout for new opportunities and be willing to expand/take a risk. Reversals of fortune are a possibility - in both directions.

Michele said...

Hello - I'm wondering if the year card starts with your birthday or with the first day of the new year. Thank you and best wishes for the new year.

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Jáne said...

Hi, my partner is the empress this year and I'm the lovers what does that mean, you should write a book on the yearly combinations that would be fascinating. Thx jane