Becoming a Certified Angel Card Reader™

Yesterday, I completed the certification process for the Certified Angel Card Reader™ course and I am very happy to have gone through with it. While there is no feedback on the homework for each of the six lessons, you do get feedback from the people you practice on and to me it really didn't matter one way or another that Radleigh or Doreen weren't looking at what I sent through. I suppose it might be different if you find it difficult to trust your own intuitive guidance but there are plenty of great tips on how to really start trusting that inner guidance all the way through the course.


What I Sacrificed and Gained by Following My Calling to Become a Tarot Reader

If success were measured by how well we align with our inner calling, I would be right up there in the eyes of the world. As it is, my choice of profession as a Tarot reader instead often leads to me being more or less quietly excluded/ostracized or sometimes even publically ridiculed and told that I take advantage of gullible and psycholigically vulnerable people. The majority of people do not live in a spiritual reality but rather in the dark third dimension alone and their idea of the Tarot is whatever has been served up by media or charlatans working sloppy thinking to their advantage. Because why think for yourself, right?

Growing up, more than anything I wanted to be respected for my intelligence. I come from a long line of more or less autistic ancestors, psychics and HSP's, and the best way for members of my bloodline to 'pass' was to find an intellectual pursuit that we could excel at. For my mother it was languages - she was fluent in seven of them and for my father it was mathematics. He gained a scholarship to study at Sorbonne and became an inventor in the field of optic lens design.


Deck Interview with the Wheel of Change Tarot

"The Fool's journey takes him to all the realms--for he is never fixed to one place--so you, like the Fool, are free to explore these places: the land of dreams and imagination and the land of the dark unconscious. Unlike the Fool, however, try to hold onto what you find and bring it back with you to enrich your life."  (excerpt from the Wheel of Change companion book by Alexandra Genetti) 

The Wheel of Change Tarot deck and book set by Alexandra Genetti was published in 1997, the artwork ten years in the making. I was fortunate to find it on eBay a few months ago and pounced on the opportunity to acquire the set at a decent price as this is one I have been on the lookout for ever since I first laid eyes on the colourful, multicultural and decidedly cosmic artwork.


The Beltane Fire Tarot Spread and Ritual

It's Beltane! Don't worry if you don't feel much like working at the moment... or if you feel full of mischief. Beltane is a time for faeries and those who know how to play with them. It's a time of passion, sensuality and explosive growth. The Beltane fires burn away the old and any sinister forces still lurking in the shadows. They keep us safe and signal readiness for summer, the next big creative adventure and/or an invitation for fun and frolics. 

I created the spread below for those of you who are ready to integrate the energy of Beltane fully and make the most of the cosmic juju, either today or tomorrow depending on when you feel most comfortable celebrating. 



What divine message are you here to amplify with your presence?

Dear Earth Angel, You came here to earth with a fully formed mission and a blue print for your your soul and body to help you accomplish this mission. It is a mission that is aligned with your soul essence and personality, as well as the Life Path you are on. It is completely unique to you and your particular gifts.

Just like the angels, you are a messenger of light and love... but in your case, it involves the use of the physical body in some way (or you wouldn't need to incarnate!).  In the Tarot, he suit of Pentacles represent your physical reality.


The Problem with Reading on the Future

Predicting the future keeps you trapped in the Matrix

Using the Tarot to predict the future is something I have chosen to move away from. It's not that it doesn't work... but when it does work, it works for all the wrong reasons...

The four main dangers with using the Tarot, or any divination tool, to predict the future are:


3Tags vs Tsu + A Social Media Comparison Tarot Spread

Social media is right at the hub of what a Tarotpreneur does. Without it I wouldn't still be in business, connecting globally with prospective clients over multiple sites and platforms. In today's post, I will show you how you can use your Tarot cards to make the most of each platform as well as find out which one will give the best return for your time investment, using the example of Tsu and 3tags. Keep scrolling if you want to jump straight to the reading!

As some of you may know, I have put my neck on the line for Tsu as I felt it was the first, real viable option to Facebook. Like many small business owners, Facebook's switch and bait tactics had been putting me off for a while and I was biding my time for an alternative to crop up... when along came Tsu and at the time, it felt a bit like salvation as I was so very eager to escape the clutches of Facebook.