Prisma Visions Tarot Deck Competition + Interview

You know that happy feeling when you have great expectations and they are met beyond what you could imagine? The Prisma Visions Tarot deck by James R. Eads is giving me that exact feeling right now. Boy am I glad I ordered two copies! Shared joy is doubled joy so... I am giving my second copy away to one of my lucky readers!

All you have to do to enter the Prisma Visions Tarot competition is to Tweet or share this post on Facebook, G+ or Tsu and comment below. For each social media share, please comment again. The more shares - the bigger your chance of winning this deck. The competition closes on 6 March and the winner will be announced in my newsletter so make sure to sign up today if you have not done so already!


Ceccoli Tarot Review and Deck Interview

I'm going to open by stating that the Ceccoli Tarot by artist Nicoletta Ceccoli is NOT a deck for the beginner reader who is still learning traditional meanings and symbology, as I do not wish to waste anybody's time. It is a beautiful and surreal modern deck that is suited to the experienced reader who wishes a bit of whimsy to crack open deeper intuitive/imaginative layers.


The Totem Tarot Spread

Your totem animal is a spirit guide in animal form who is part of your spirit guide entourage for either a period of time (in connection with a specific life lesson) or your entire life (personal power animal). You can have more than one totem/power animal and they can change as you go through different developmental stages in life.

Totem animals resonate with different chakras and highlight both inherent power and weakness of those chakras. When highlighting a weakness, the less desirable traits of the animal comes to the fore. These are the aspects that fill you with fear, shame and even terror... making you project these qualities onto others rather than owning them for yourself. In Jungian psychology this is referred to as the Shadow.


10 Things A Professional Tarot Reader Will Not Do

Are you worried about getting a Tarot reading because you fear ending up in the hands of a charlatan? I have put together a list of things professional readers will not do to help safeguard your interests.

The three main marks of a true Tarot professional are:

  • they have your best interests at heart
  • the readings are empowering  
  • a lot of effort is put into formulating the right questions to help you move forward with your life

1. Be less than transparent about their ethics. Any professional Tarot reader worth the name will have their reader's ethics published on their website and in any leaflets they hand out.

2. Help you cheat. If you go to a Tarot reader and ask about how to keep cheating on your husband without him finding out or if you are safe to leave your husband for someone you are seeing on the side because you are afraid of the financial repercussions they may or may not choose to read for you. Please understand this: a reader who does read on this sort of question is totally out of whack with their Higher Self and the 'advice' you get will be of very poor quality (low energy vibration). You are already in a bad place and getting a reading to try to justify it will only make it worse.

A true professional will decline to read on this because they have standards, seek to genuinely help their clients and simply don't want that kind of karma on their soul's record. This has nothing to with being judgmental, as some would claim, but everything to do with being spiritually discerning.


The Unexpected Plot Twist Tarot Spread

In the wake of the Aquarius New Moon, for which I suggested creating a Plot Twist to the Path of Your Destiny, I find myself unintentionally manifesting just such a plot twist in a very Uranian (Uranus rules Aquarius), i.e. bizarre and unexpected way. I really shouldn't be surprised at this though since so many planets are in Aquarius and Mercury has gone retrograde (and Goddess knows what else - I'm not an Astrologer!).

Nevertheless, I woke up knowing that I was done with alcohol. Permanently. Drinking something that is both inflammatory and expensive when I could be spending my money on food and drink that is healing instead just ceased to make sense.


Karmic Grace Past Life Tarot Spread and Sample Reading

Past Life Astrology by Judy Hall is blowing my mind a little right now with how accurately it relates to my own life experience and my more or less educated guesses on what is karmic in this in this incarnation. I feel I finally have a chance to get a handle on what is what through reading this book and carefully studying my own birth chart.

Not only that, I believe this information translates beautifully into an opportunity to delve even deeper through targeted readings on each of the different types of personal karma.

Other types of karma are group karma, collective karma (global) and cosmic karma.

The different types of personal karma are, according to Judy Hall:


A Holistic Yes/No Tarot Technique That Packs A Punch

How do you make a yes/no Tarot reading holistic? By asking the right question, in the right way and with the right tools!

The Right Question

The right yes/no question is as proactive and empowering as possible. An example of a yes/no question that disempowers is 'Should I...?' The Tarot will never tell you what you should or shouldn't do.

A better question to ask is 'Will going down this path bring me _________ (fill in blank for desired result)?' or 'Will doing this improve _________ (fill in blank for situation that you want to improve)?