The Carpe Diem Tarot Spread - Dedicated to Robin Williams

A huge fan of Robin Williams, both as an actor/comedian and as a human being, I have decided to dedicate today's Tarot Spread to him for all the smiles and human warmth he brought to all of our lives.

One of the films I have really fond memories of is the Dead Poet Society and the picture quote above is from that film. My earliest memory of Robin Williams is the 70's sitcom Mork and Mindy, making him one of the first actors I have clear memories of. He made an impression on me then and continued to do so for almost four more decades.

Robin Williams is thought to have committed suicide due to severe depression. I find that so poignant when his own life and work served as a beacon of hope for so many. He is the archetypal Wounded Healer, giving to others what he was incapable of giving to himself. 

The Carpe Diem Tarot Spread is based on the Top 5 Regrets of the Dying:


Summer Holidays

It occurred to me that I ought to let you guys know that there will be no more posts for a while. God willing, I'll be back on 14 August.

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10 Signs That You Are Ready To Go Pro with Your Tarot

Are you wanting to become a professional Tarot reader but are not quite sure if you have what it takes to go pro? Find out what sorts the wannabes from the real deal. This is the check list I wish someone had written for me when I first started hoping that my passion would one day become my profession.

With three financial years as a professional Tarot Reader under my belt (and nearly 30 years after my first reading), I feel ready to share what I have learned so that you can avoid some of the more common mistakes.


Get Back on Track With the Life Purpose Tarot Spread

Have you been sidetracked from your life purpose? Are your goals and dreams on the back burner? Do you feel as if fate is at cross purposes with your destiny and desire to serve humanity with your gifts for the Highest Good of All?

Knowing your life purpose and fulfilling it is not always the same. Dreams of a brighter future that glimmer tantalisingly by moonlight, often seem pale and unachievable in the harsh light of day. Discerning between fantasy and one's true calling can be tricky. The Tarot can help!

The Tarot and Oracle spread below uses three different Tarot decks to allow for repetition of significant cards. In addition to three Tarot cards each for Fate/Soul Contract (The Wheel of Fortune), Current Lesson (The Fool) and Action Advice (Strength), there is an Oracle (of your choice) card for the same. The oracle cards will provide spiritual insights and guidance.


Deck Interview with the Daemon Tarot by Ariana Osborne

I first stumbled across the visually appealing Daemon Tarot on tumblr and decided I had to have it, not knowing if I would be able to divine with it or not. This is not a Tarot deck at all, by the way, as the guide book clearly states. It's a 69 card oracle - each card depicting  a demon/daemon.

After looking through the images and reading snippets from the guide book, I'm still not sure if this deck is readable even though the antique images by Louis Breton are really cool. There is a brief introductory snippet about each daemon in the book by Ariana Osborne but the actual divinatory guidance is scant (only one sentence for each card). However, Osborne does encourage the reader to come up with their own meanings.


Deck Interview with the Chrysalis Tarot

Deck Interview with the Chrysalis Tarot - Click to enlarge
The 4 star review I posted on Amazon a couple of days after the US Games Chrysalis Tarot by Holly Sierra (artist) and Toney Brooks arrived:

"I'm rating the Chrysalis Tarot more as an oracle deck. We are moving quite far outside the boundaries of traditional Tarot and I do not agree with many of the interpretations in the LWB (especially not the Court Cards). Also not too keen on 'Spirals' for the Wands suit. Can you still use this deck for readings in spite of the aberrations? Yes, it's quite easy to read with intuitively but don't get too stuck in 'Tarot think' - allow the gorgeous images to speak. If you are a beginner and feel drawn to this deck, I recommend that you use a RWS deck for your studies / daily draw and reach your own conclusions about the validity of this new metaphysical interpretation of the Tarot, which I consider a flight of fancy that should have landed in the realm of Oracles rather than Tarot."

I have had opportunity to familiarise myself further with the deck since and I did read the (fantastical) Little White Book all the way through before posting the review. I still feel the same. That said, I do love this deck and have used it for many of my client readings since. I so badly wanted to give it five stars because I'm in love with the artwork but the LWB with its strange meanings/associations put me off.

But enough about me - let's speak directly with the daemon of this deck!


The Writer's Block Tarot Spread

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ― Maya Angelou
Have you ever wondered how many book titles there would be in circulation if everyone who ever dreamed about writing a book actually did write one? Are you dreaming about writing a book too? You're not alone!
Since I was about 15, I have known that I have a book in me. Going by the amount of words I blog on a weekly basis, I have several. So how come I can't seem to commit to writing one? I have a great first sentence for one book and am about a third way through three abandoned book projects over the past few years. Sigh.