The 'Hello From Heaven' Tarot Spread - A Spread for Halloween/Samhain

Did you know you can use the Tarot to communicate with departed loved ones? This time of year, the veil is getting thinner and it is at its thinnest on Halloween / Samhain, 31 October - the ideal day for communicating with the dead and honouring your ancestors.

This particular spread is to be used for someone you were close to and who passed away quite recently (recently enough for it to still play on your mind!). It can be used with either Tarot or Oracle cards. If you do use oracle cards, make sure they are not just happy clappy Angel cards but have a few more variations and moods included. 

You can also mix and match. I use an oracle card for the 9th card and Tarot for all the rest, for instance.  


New Deck Interview Spread and Mystical Cats Tarot Review / Interview

Do you like to get to know your new decks properly before working with them and using them for client readings? I do. I have been doing Tarot deck interviews for years now, using a six card spread that I modified from a forum post I came across on Aeclectic many years ago.

I thought it was time I created a new spread, and this time it is all my own creation - although, inevitably - for this type of spread there are some basic spread positions that all such spreads have in common. 

Often, less is more, so I decided to go for a five card spread this time and the first deck I'm trying this spread out on this the Mystical Cats Tarot that arrived last week. Admittedly, I have already worked with this deck but I'm very much looking forward to getting to know it more in-depth.

The Mystical Cats Tarot is a typical Llewellyn deck and book set: big outer box, 201 page companion book and a deck without an inner box. Admittedly, you can tear off the flap of the supporting structure inside the bigger box and use it as a box, but it's not quite the right size and very flimsy. In my hands, it wouldn't last long before falling apart. This is a pet peeve of mine and I do hope Llewellyn listens up and starts including a proper box for those of us who don't have the space to be storing all their big chunky packaging in our tiny flats or houses.

The cards measure a standard 12 x 7 cm and have silky matte finish which makes them very easy to shuffle. The backs have a blue background with a reversible paw print design for those of you who read with reversals.

I love that this is a borderless deck. The lovely card designs by Mickie Mueller need no frames and these are the kind of cards that make you want to tell stories - borders would just get in the way!

The companion book by Lunea Weatherstone includes a little story about what is happening in each card, 'Cat's Advice' and reversed meanings. There are four original spreads included. Thank Bast there is no Celtic Cross - to me that's just lazy.

The large outer box arrived crumpled from Amazon and I could have returned it for a new set but I would have just ended up chucking it out anyway... so sorry - no pic of that included in this review.

companion book and card backs
Some of the Major have been renamed:

The Fool - The Cat
The Magician - Cat Magic
The Hierophant - The Priest
The Wheel of Fortune - The Wheel
Justice - Consequences
The Hanged Man - The Floating Cat
Temperance - Grace
The Devil - Demon Cat
The Star - Stars
Judgement - Good Kitty

The Minors are divided into four clans:

Fire Clan (Wands)
Sea Clan (Cups)
Air Clan (Swords)
Earth Clan (Pentacles)

The court cards are Kittens (Pages), Toms (Knights), Queens and Kings. I really fell in love with these court cards. The cats in them have very distinctive personalities that are easily translatable into people personalities, yet, as a cat owner, I can vouch for how absolutely cat-like they are!

All in all, I believe the Mystical Cats Tarot is one of the loveliest gifts you could buy yourself or give to your cat-loving, tarot-reading friend!


1. Who are you?

The Moon: I am a mirror for your secret self, the self you like to hide because you fear it is not loved or wanted.

2. What is your strength?

Six of Sea (6 of Cups): My greatest strength is that I will keep returning to you like an old friend. It will feel comforting even just reaching for me.

3. What is your weakness?

Eight of Sea (8 of Cups): If I feel like not working or that you are bothering me unnecessarily, I'll probably start roaming like a tom for a while. Don't be surprised if I go missing!

4. What types of readings do you prefer?

Ace of Sea (Cups): Love and Relationships!

5. How do you challenge me?

The Chariot: To go deeper, always deeper... until you are in touch with your true will and we can begin moving forward again - with all your energy pulling in the same direction.

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Ignite your passion with holistic tarot!


Timing in the Tarot with FREE Cheat Sheets!

Timing in the Tarot is a topic that warrants a book of its own rather than just a blog post but I wanted to give you an inkling of how I work with timing, which obviously is not the same as everybody else. It is a method which has been used by Western Mysticists and Occultists over the past 100+ years and that has its origin with the Order of the Golden Dawn (plus some of my own additions). This Astrological correspondence method of timing is the one I have found works the best but it is also very important to know when it is possible to read on timing and when it is best left alone.

The discussion we need to have before delving into the correspondence tables is 'How much of the future is set in stone and is it even possible to predict timing at all?'


7 Signs of People with Dragon Medicine & Dragon Pathworking Tarot Spread

Dragon medicine is so powerful that in ancient China, only the Emperor himself was said to embody it fully. This is not true, of course, but in a sense it is true that you cannot be a carrier of this potent medicine and not sooner or later find yourself in a leadership position.

Dragons appear in all cultures and mythologies across the world. In the East they are often considered lucky but in the West, because of the Church's influence, they have been vilified and are seen as demonic forces - even as a representation of Satan himself.


Dark Fairytale Tarot Deck Review and Interview

The Dark Fairytale Tarot is a Lo Scarabeo deck illustrated by Raffaele De Angelis. It is inspired by both the Waite Smith Tarot and the Thoth Tarot, with Justice as Major Arcana number 8 and Strength as 11.

If you are looking for a dark/gothic themed deck with fully illustrated pips (unlike the Anne Stokes Gothic Tarot), this may be the deck you've been looking for. 


The Witch's Self-Employment Tarot Spread

Are you a metaphysical business owner or tarotpreneur? This Tarot Spread is for you! If you are thinking of starting up you can simply modify cards 1 and 3 accordingly to reflect your readiness to go into business for yourself.


Mixed Oracle Spread with Tarot Charms, Random Words and an Oracle Card

Ever since I got my beautiful Tarot Charms from the lovely Julie of The Witches Coven, I have been wanting to have a play with them but then a house move got in the way. Now that we have all finally settled in and the kids are back at school, I decided to create a mixed oracle spread to use with these charms.

Like for the Magpie Oracle spread I created over on Seer Pathways, I decided to use a random word generator but this time I decided to allow an oracle card from the Energy Oracle to give the central theme for the reading.