Do you believe that you have been born with a unique purpose to fulfill in this lifetime? Do you believe that aligning yourself with that purpose can bring you financial abundance? If you answered yes to both questions, the Million Dollar Idea Tarot Spread is for you, dear entrepreneur!

Doing the Your Million Dollar Idea Tarot spread is like spitballing with the Universe about your highest creative potential and the abundance this could bring.

You were born to bring a unique skill or talent to the world - a very specific job that nobody else can do is waiting for you to invent it. And whether or not you have achieved financial success, simply engaging in developing this skill or bringing your talent to the world in any way ensures that you are already on the path to success.



Charlatans, Cards and Curses

After writing and tweeting about Holistic Tarot vs Fortune-telling quite a lot recently, I found myself under fire and had to block a couple of Tarot readers who thought it was a good idea to reply with attacks on my person. This is the tweet that drew the fire:

A #Holistic #Tarot reading is like the natural remedy which treats the whole person, compared to the 'plaster' given by a fortune teller. (read the full article HERE)

Some "warlock" and some "young Tarosophist of the year" called me ignorant, envious, divisive and lacking in fortune-telling skills based on this tweet. Whether they know about my work or whether they chose to judge me merely based on this tweet I will (gladly) never know.

All I know is that there are some pretty nasty people within the 'Tarot community' (not so sure it actually IS a community!) who like to judge and bully people... and that doesn't even begin to cover the pure charlatans.


The Five Basic Elements of a Holistic Tarot Reading

After the overwhelming interest I had over on my holisticchange.co blog for a free sample holistic Tarot reading, I realised that there is no blog post that fully explains what makes a Tarot reading truly holistic compared to traditional fortune telling. What better place to break it down and explain the elements that need to be present in a holistic reading than here on Tarotize - a site that has been devoted to Holistic Tarot since 2006!

But before we can break it down, we need to understand what a Tarot reading is and why/how it works...

Like all other forms of divination, the Tarot operates on the principles of synchronicity (the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection) and the magickal axiom 'as above, so below'. 

In a Universe defined by quantum mechanics, these principles become useful tools in connection with our own intuitive guidance, not only for discerning patterns and trajectories but for actively manifesting our destiny. Based on these principles, it is possible to do both traditional fortune-telling and holistic Tarot readings... so how are they different from each other.

First, we will have a look at the elements that need to be present in a holistic Tarot reading and then I will compare it to fortune-telling for contrast and greater insight...

The following 5 elements have to be present for a Tarot reading to be fully holistic. You will notice that one of these elements is down to the client rather than the Tarot reader:


Prisma Visions Tarot Deck Competition + Interview

You know that happy feeling when you have great expectations and they are met beyond what you could imagine? The Prisma Visions Tarot deck by James R. Eads is giving me that exact feeling right now. Boy am I glad I ordered two copies! Shared joy is doubled joy so... I am giving my second copy away to one of my lucky readers!

All you have to do to enter the Prisma Visions Tarot competition is to Tweet or share this post on Facebook, G+ or Tsu and comment below. For each social media share, please comment again. The more shares - the bigger your chance of winning this deck. The competition closes on 6 March and the winner will be announced in my newsletter so make sure to sign up today if you have not done so already!


Ceccoli Tarot Review and Deck Interview

I'm going to open by stating that the Ceccoli Tarot by artist Nicoletta Ceccoli is NOT a deck for the beginner reader who is still learning traditional meanings and symbology, as I do not wish to waste anybody's time. It is a beautiful and surreal modern deck that is suited to the experienced reader who wishes a bit of whimsy to crack open deeper intuitive/imaginative layers.


The Totem Tarot Spread

Your totem animal is a spirit guide in animal form who is part of your spirit guide entourage for either a period of time (in connection with a specific life lesson) or your entire life (personal power animal). You can have more than one totem/power animal and they can change as you go through different developmental stages in life.

Totem animals resonate with different chakras and highlight both inherent power and weakness of those chakras. When highlighting a weakness, the less desirable traits of the animal comes to the fore. These are the aspects that fill you with fear, shame and even terror... making you project these qualities onto others rather than owning them for yourself. In Jungian psychology this is referred to as the Shadow.